Imagine a year in the only somewhat distant future where rival countries have built colonies throughout the solar system. Suddenly, a viral weapon causes a global plague, ravaging Earth, leaving it in permanent quarantine. The off world colonies now face new challenges: first to simply survive on their own, then to control the solar system. They begin this new era for humanity in the first year without Earth, year one post terra. Manage your colonies, your fleet, and your armies to dominate this new era.

Year One Post Terra allows you to apply great attention to detail. Each ship is individually designed, allowing you to maximize effect while minimizing cost. You can choose between beam and projectile weapons to arm your ship - each with it's own pros and cons. You can choose engines and reactors to provide the ship's power. And you can customize the design to the resources available on each colony. It will take more than a little cunning to design the ships that will defeat your enemies. You can also design the details of your colonies. Build climate controlled domes to protect the colonies buildings. Then fill them with the factories, housing, food production, mining, life support, power plants and everything else your colony needs. And don't forget to provide your colony with some defenses. They can face attack both from the air and armies on the ground. But of course you can also build armies of your own. Investing in research will allow technology breakthroughs in all of these areas. Not an easy game to master, simple survival will take some skill. Do you have what it takes to not just survive, but guide your forces to victory?

Year One Post Terra is a strictly turn based game for five players. Computer players can be used for individual play. The shareware version limits the technology level you can reach. Register to build the most advanced designs.

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